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Casey Vision Care fits contact lenses to suit several needs.

Soft Contact Lenses are the most widely used type of contact lens for the majority of applications including Toric Lenses for patients with a need to correct astigmatism. We favor Frequent Replacement, or so-called disposable lenses that are replaced every two to four weeks because they are much healthier for the eye and require a minimum of care.

New technology has made daily One Day soft contact lenses very popular and affordable. They are worn only for one day, and therefore do not require any other care. Since these lenses are replaced daily, this is the healthiest system available. This lens is also advisable for someone who wants to wear contact lenses infrequently, such as for sporting events or social occasions.

One of the newest contact lenses available is one that may be worn for 30 days without removal. We have also found that this lens may be appropriate for lens wearers who have experienced an eye dryness problem when using other contact lenses. A similar material is now available in a daily-wear lens for people who experience contact lens related Dry Eyes.

Some of the daily-wear soft contact lenses are available in Colors that either enhance the natural color of the eye or change it. There are also lenses available to be used as cosmetic correction of eye disfigurement

We fit Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses that are sometimes more appropriate for best correction of astigmatism as well as for special conditions such as keratoconus.

In both soft and rigid lenses, Monovision, in which one eye is corrected for distance, and the other for reading, is an option to allow patients who wear bifocal glasses to see, using contact lenses. We also carry Bifocal contact lenses.

Ask the doctors which of all of the above contact lenses may work best for you.